Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My other quiet book page

So I'm part of 2 swaps heres the page I made for the other group .. Its a buckle page that open up to a picture .. I really like how it came out .. I figure the mamas can added a pic of there family or a magazine picture of there little fave character ... What you think?? 

Girl version 

Boy version 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Quiet book page swap

So i decided to join 2 quiet book page swaps  online ... For one I decided to do the chain link pages and the other I decided to do a buckle page .. I'm so excited about doing both if these pages 

Here what I did for my chain link page 

I haven't started my buckle page yet but I plan to start it tomorrow 

What you think? have you made a quiet book? 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

We've been booed sign .. Love this game!

So there'  we've been booed sign all over pinteret but I really wanted one one that was all on one page and can be colored .. So I decided to make my own .. i used the graphic from this page http://www.thehappierhomemaker.com/2013/10/you.html#_a5y_p=1007269 cause I thought it would be cute colored and it was simiple and then I came up with my own wording.

Here's the finish product

Love it!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Colored cotton babies "Albert" diaper

I just love how it can out!!!
I used $5.00 tulip fabric marker from Walmart and colored it in. It was so easy and it only took me a few hrs. 

Anyone else color there Albert?

Here's a few pics


I'm going to change out the aplix for snaps next 

Here's on the bum

The Chaplin diaper madness

I can't believe how fast cotton babies new limited edition " Chaplin" diaper sold out .. I think it was all sold out in all styles in 5 hrs that so crazy!!! 

I'm just glad I was able to get mines here's a pic. What you think? I love it.

It says dapper and I'm a genius. 

 And on the bum

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy 10 year anniversary ...

Just want to stop in real quick to share the card i made for hubby .. heres the front

what you think.. I love subway art!!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Gate for double banister steps

Now that LO is crawling and cruise all of the place, and his favorite place to be is in our hallway. I had to go gate shopping. 

You think this would have been a easy task but it wasn't. 

Since I have my step has a double banister and a hand rail on one it made it hard to find a gate that work with it 

This is what my steps look like

Still a regular would work cause you need to have at least one wall to install it, I had to do some reach. 

The first gate I brought didn't work at all cause It tight pressure to lock since there now real way to get it to have tight pressure I sent it back. 

The second gate was white and didn't it didn't look good with out step and you have to add a  2 x 4 and a bunch of strap to make it work and my hubby thought it would look tacky so I brought it back 

Then I order a dog gate from amazon that worked perfect  it's a north state super gate deluxe decor gate ... It stands alone, but used straps to make it super secure .. And it looks good too!!! 

Here's pics 

This is how we strapped it 

Hope this helps anyone that's having the same issue