Monday, October 21, 2013

It cold need to make a sleep sack

I live in atl where the weather is nice most of the year. From November to March it normally between 60-40 degrees, which is not freezing but cold enough. At night it hard for me to sleep with the heat on so I just wrap up in my comforter. Since Kedar is only 3 months and I don't want to cover him with a big blanket, so I decided to make a sleep sack .. This go for about 20-50 dollars in stores. I was going to buy one at first but I felt I could make one for cheap with a cute design and as warm as I want it. 

I went online and found a free pattern here ... I used her pattern but I didn't follow here tutorial cause I don't know how to sew a zip instead I added snaps at the shoulder side and bottom.. I got the top fabric at joann for 5 dollars and the inside fabric at Walmart for 2.50 .. I got a yard of both .. 

Here the finish product ... What you think? 


Him loving it

My Life As A Mom

I decided to blog about my life being a mom because its what I truely am .. I like fashion, crafts, organizing, and cooking so I figure hey why not blog about it all on one blog .. I'm not a big writer so my blog will consist of lots of pictures with little writing .. I realize when I look at blogs I look at the pictures more then writing so why not keep it simple and do just that. Let see how it work out .. Hope everyone enjoys my life in pictures. 

Here's my family
Me and Hubby
My 17 year old Ty
boy twin 9 Jabril
girl twin 9 Zahaira
and that latest addition 3 months old Kedar