Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tye dying flats

I don't use flats much, but every now and then I would through a flat on my little one to air out the bum or just to throw one on. 

I use flour stack towels from Walmart. They hold pretty good and they are super trim. 

Today I decided to do something fun with them and Tye dye them. 

I brought this kit from Joann for 10.00 with a 50% coupon 

First wash FST .. Don't dry them 
Figure out what design you want or just fold towels and put elastic on them 
( I wish I took the time to figure out designs cause I don't like how mine came out )

-Once all towels are folded the way you want mix dye  
-then take a towel and put it on a piece of plastic wrap 
-start adding dye to the towels 

Here my little helper 

Then wrap towel up 

All of them

Once all dyed and wrap let it sit fir 6-8hrs or over night ( like I did) 

The next say I unwrapped all of them, rinsed and put in a bucket to take to the laundry room. 

Wash on hot with water level to large 

I used a half a cup of soap and washed twice then dried 

All done

Here a origami fold on LO 

What you think? .. One thing I wish I did was make sold color ones instead if put all the colors on it .. I also wish I choose different colors .. But other then that hey they look better then plain white. 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Lacatation smoothie yum!

I love smoothies so figure why not make a lacatation smoothie. I looked online for a few recipes but I didn't find anytging I really liked so I came up with my own and used the main ingredient to make it a lacatation booster and it came out so good! 


2 TBS of peanut butter or almond butter
1 whole banana
1 cup of milk
1/4 cup of old fashion oatmeal 
3 TBS of mini semi- sweet chocolate chips 
2 TBS of flaxseed
1TBS of brewer yeast
1 cup of ice 

Blend everything up

Put in fancy glass ( it's a must .. Lol) 

Add a few chocolate chip on top 
Yum yum yum!!!! 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunning cloth diapers ..amazing!!!

Since I startd cloth diapering  I must have sun my diapers about 10 times and I'm still amazed by the results. It's been cold here in Georgiaso I haven't sun them for a while but my diaper were looking a mess with ebf stain plus the fact my son takes iron( cause he has a blood disorder) ( btw I found a wonderful all natural iron that I will share) I decided I will sun them today. My diapers look great now!! I should have posted my whole washing route but I didn't think about it but I promise I will next time for now here's  a picture of my diapers before and after sunning 


Isn't that amazing that after 15min in the sun 

Here a few more pics



Ok here a group pic before


Do you sun your diapers? Isn't it amazing!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

DIY: sew a heavy wetter night time cloth diaper

I've been having a hard time finding a night time solution for my heavy wetter. 
I tried about 4 different kinds of disposal, and a few different cloth diapers with different insert and they will work some night and not work others. So I figure let me try and make one. 

I knew hemp and bamboo are very absorbent fabric so I decided to buy a yard of hemp fleece from amazon it was $13 for the yard, I already had some anti pill Fleece from Joanns that I got on sale for 70% off I think it cost less then $2 for half a yard. So I figure for $15 I can make 3 night time hybrid cloth diapers that I would pair with a blueberry or thirsty duo cover to make totally waterproof. 

Here's what you need 

- Pattern ( I used arfy long wing pattern here's the link I love here patterns) http://prefold2fitted.blogspot.com/2012/11/one-size-hybrid-fitted.html?m=1
- 2 cut of hemp
- 1 cut of thick fleece
- 1 cut of stay dry fabric ( I used microfleece) 
- fabric for soak ( I used 2 cut of hemp and 2 cuts of bamboo that I had on hand from a past project) 
- Elastic
- snaps/aplix 
- thread 

First I cut out all my pieces 

Add snaps to front of the fleece piece only ... You will do wings later 

Then put your stay dry and fleece rt side facing and then put your hemp on to of that... Pin and make your marking for the elastic 

Sew all piece together leaving the front open for turning and adding elastic 

Turn right side out .. See casing for elastic 
Add elastic 

Make insert add snaps to wing and for insert 

All done

On LO ... And it worked perfect paired with a blueberry cover.. LO woke up totally dry ...  Yay!!! to success .. Now to make two more.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

DIY elastic/string threader... So easy!!

I hate hate threading elastic through the casing of the diapers I make. So I started thinking about what would make it easier and I came up with this 

I decided to bend the top of a hanger and add a pin to the top them I put tape on the ends so it wouldn't  snag my fabric works perfect 

Push the hanger through the hole, pin the elastic or string to the pin 
Pull through .. So easy!! 

Make life so much easier 
What you think? 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Kedar started BLW .. Yummy avacordo

I decided I'm going to do a mix of blw and purée ... Since I'm not officially starting solid I decided to start with blw as entertment while I'm down stair cooking .. While cook breakfast today I decided to start with a small piece of avocado with the skin still on it but with the top cut a little .. He loved it and sucked on it like no body business. 

Here's a few pics 

 Playing with it now .. But its ok it was entertaining to him .. Lol 

Anyone else doing blw .. How's it going? 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

My change station

Since LO is still in my room I have to try to fit all his stuff in one space so my change table is stuff with all his things. Once I finally decide to move him into his own room I will have more room and a better set up but for now this will do. 

Front of changing table

The side of the changing table with my accessories and prefolds.. You can also see my diaper pail, disposable pail that I hardly ever use(that why the lamp is on it.. Lol) and LO's hamper

 The complete stash

Nickis and Freetime fit nicely in a basket
covers and fitted at the bottom
  my wipes, rash cream, wipes solution hand sanitizer and snappi's

  Prefold and hemp inserts in diaper stacker
 close up of all of it in the changing table

What does your changing station look like?