Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tye dying flats

I don't use flats much, but every now and then I would through a flat on my little one to air out the bum or just to throw one on. 

I use flour stack towels from Walmart. They hold pretty good and they are super trim. 

Today I decided to do something fun with them and Tye dye them. 

I brought this kit from Joann for 10.00 with a 50% coupon 

First wash FST .. Don't dry them 
Figure out what design you want or just fold towels and put elastic on them 
( I wish I took the time to figure out designs cause I don't like how mine came out )

-Once all towels are folded the way you want mix dye  
-then take a towel and put it on a piece of plastic wrap 
-start adding dye to the towels 

Here my little helper 

Then wrap towel up 

All of them

Once all dyed and wrap let it sit fir 6-8hrs or over night ( like I did) 

The next say I unwrapped all of them, rinsed and put in a bucket to take to the laundry room. 

Wash on hot with water level to large 

I used a half a cup of soap and washed twice then dried 

All done

Here a origami fold on LO 

What you think? .. One thing I wish I did was make sold color ones instead if put all the colors on it .. I also wish I choose different colors .. But other then that hey they look better then plain white. 

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