Sunday, February 2, 2014

A messenger bag for my daughter


My sewing board has monthly sewing challenges and this month challenge is to sew a bag. Perfect timing because my daughter has been asking me to make her a bag for a few weeks now. I look online a I found a tutorial for this cute bag Here.

This is the fabric my daughter picked  .. I thought it wasn't girly enough but she said " it not about girly it about modern with a pop of color" her words exactly ... Lol and she is only 9. 

I cut all the pieces out like stated in tutorial 

Then I sewed up the sides of the body parts With right side together of the outer fabric and lining but I left a small turning hole close at the bottom of the lining for later use 

Then I match the seams together at the corner measure 4cm and sew

This is what it should look like after sewn and turn right side out 

Did the same to the lining 

 Time to work with the flap .. Take flap and curve one the the side like so
 Now to make the raffle 
Sew 2 really loose straight stitch on the you raffle pieces .. Knot the 4 strings at one end then take the 2 too strings from the other end and start pulling to make the raffles .. Here's a link to a YouTube video that helped me 

pin raffle to outer fabric ... sew down

then sandwich raffle between lining and outer fabric .. sew all around leaving the top for turning 

Clip the corner, turn inside out, press flat with an iron

ok this is where my phone died .. but the other blog has excellent pictures to finish up

-Put the two strips you cut for the loop on top of each other right sides facing and sew together. Turn inside out and press flat.
-Do the same with the strips you cut for the strap. Oh you can curve one of the ends to match the flap.
-Now Pin the flap to the outer bag right sides facing
-Fold the strip for the loop in two and pin to one side of the bag, right sides facing and having the loop face downwards (it will face up once the bag is turned in the last step).
-Pin the strap to the bag at the opposite side, right sides facing, facing down like loop
-Now put everything in to the lining of the bag.. the lining and the outer bag should be right side facing .
-Pin the lining to the outer bag, keeping the flap, the loop and the strap sandwiched inside. Sew to close.
-Now Turn the bag inside out, through the opening you left in the lining. Press everything flat.
-Close the gap in the lining.
-Pull the strap through the loop and tie a knot at the desired length...

All done!!!!... Isn't it cute .. Came out way better and girly then I thought it would 


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