Monday, February 17, 2014

My complete stash broken down

After using everything in my stash, and washing everything, I decided to take a few pictures

Heres my complete stash 
Ok now let's break it down 

First everything that I would use everyday moving forward 

All in ones ( 25)

12 freetime

2 elements

8 nbaio

1 grovia 

1 simiplex 

Pockets (3)

2 bG 4.0

1 nicki pocket

Fitted (12)
3 gmd prefold to fitted & 2 gerber Birdseye prefold to fitted

4 mommy made fitted 

3 pooter fitted 

Covers (9)

4 flips

2 blueberry 

2 thirsty 

1 rumparooz 

This is what I will put away 

10 gmd prefolds

10 flour stack towels

All my mommy made pockets and covers

Heres a picture of the stash I will keep in a regular rotation 

Here's my night time diapers 
I use bG 4.0 double stuff with the the insert snap down to the smallest setting, pooter with blueberry or Thirsties cover and a mommy made hemp hybrid 

And their you go my complete stash .. If you have any questions asks away. 

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