Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Paci, Sippy, Sophie, Snack cup holder

My sewing board challenge for this week is "easy peasy little projects"
I actually have a few small easy sewing project on my list but I really needed the holders now that LO is 7 months and tend to throw everything everywhere especially when we are at the supermarket and mall. 

They were super fast and easy .. I made all of them in about a hour while LO napped 

This is what I did 

Cut fabric .. Well all the fabric are scraps so I don't really have any real measurements but from what I saw on Pinterest the normal measurement is 10.5in x 4in .. I made my pacifer holder as close a possible to that 

Then I iron the 2 ends

Then fold in half
Then fold the end to the middle

Turn in half again

Then I sewed the 2 sides

Add clip to one end and sew down go back and fourth about three times
Add the elastic on the other end 
All done

My sippy cup holder is a little different 

My sippy cup holder 22in by 3in again scraps 

Iron top and bottom ends 

Then iron in half, right sides together

Sew close 

Turn right side out, iron with seam in the back 

Add 1 1/4 elastic to one end of the fabric and a clip to the other end 

Sew in place 

All done!!

Here's all the holders I made .. I really love them .. My Sophie and snack cup holder is exactly like the pacifer holder just longer.

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