Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The how many changes do I really have challenge ... day 1

So I decided I want to find out how many changes I really have and how long can I go without using the same diaper twice .. I think I have 40+ changes but I'm not sure ... Let find out!

Here's the rules 

- Use each change, once used it you can be washed and put away

- Covers ... can be used more then once with my prefolds or flats but once it goes in the diaper pail it can't be used again, Unless I have more prefold or flats left then I can put them back in play once all of my covers are dirt. 

- Once all night diapers are dirty they can come back into play if I have more diapers left ...

- I will take pictures of all if my changes, number it and post on my blog at the end of each day. 

Anyone want to join me??? .. This a good way to route through your stash and see how many changes you really have.

If you join in just post a link to where u post your pics 

Let get started 
Just a few abbreviations for newbies
Nbaio- nicki bamboo all in one
Fst- flour stack towels
RaR- rumparooz
Bg- bumgenius 
Aio- all in one

Day 1 

Change#1 butternut freetime (1of 2) 

Change#2 fst dye green and red with tree thirsty cover size 1

Change#3 marshmallow nbaio 


Change#4 girly looking fst that I don't like with Charlie rumparooz 

Change#5 gmd red edge prefold w/ Charlie Rumparooz 

Change#6 mommy made fitted diamonds with owl blueberry cover (night time diaper)


All done .. Join me for day two tomorrow 

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