Saturday, February 15, 2014

Day 11 Last Day .... My summary

Day 11 .. Last day 

Change#55 WAHM Skull fitted

Change#56 GMD Prefold Moonbeam flip cover

Change#57 nicki pocket in chevron

Change#58 GMD Prefold with Owl Blueberry cover.. 

Change#59  gmd prefold with  twilight flip cover 

Change#60 mirror freetime (2 of 2)

Change#61 mommy made hybrid fitted with bambo/hemp insert with thirsty duo scottch cover

All done!!! 
I'm doing laundry now .. I will do another post with my laundry route .. 

What I learn about my stash 
I'm a AIO type of person .. My not a big fan of prefolds and fst but it was fun doing different folds.

I have way to many changes if I use everything but if I just used my aio and fitted I have the perfect amount. 

 I will make another post with my entire stash, what I plan to put away, and what I will actually use regularly.

Thanks for following!!! 

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