Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Day 6 ... Of diaper challenge

Sorry for posting late rough day yesterday 

Here's how our day went 

Change#31 baio tree friends 

Change#32 fst with mommy made pocket dino diaper used as a cover 

Change#33 Gmd prefold trifold with a moonbeam flip cover 

Change#34 Gerber birdeye perfold made into fitted with moonbeam flip cover 

Change *** not counted*** bG 4.0 grasshopper double stuff with microfiber and a bamboo/hemp insert ... night diaper ** first time reusing night time**  I had one more pooter left but LO was being fussy and the bumgenius was the quickest thing to get to and I figure I'm going to have to repeat something might as well do it now 

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