Thursday, January 2, 2014

Re-usable cloth liners

This is the easiest thing you can make 
I made them for a few reasons

1- to help with staining 
2- to make poop clean up much easier
3- as a stay dry layer ( this is the reason I use it most)
4- if I ever had to use a rash cream that wasn't diaper safe this with help keep cream off diaper( I haven't had to use it for this reason yet) 

Ok so what I did 
I went to Joanns and brought a yard of micro-fleece  must be microfleece for it to be stay dry .. I also brought microfleece over any other stay dry fabric because the ends don't fray . 
The fabric is normally 12.99 a yard but it was 50% off and then I had a 25% off coupon so it was a little under 5 dollars for the yard.

 Then I cut each liner 7x11 .. I like my liner big so it covers everything 

See how it cover the whole diaper
All done .. I told you it was easy .. Lol

I was able to make 21 liners for a yard 

This is where I store them 

Do you use liner? What's yours made of?  

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