Thursday, January 2, 2014

My change station

Since LO is still in my room I have to try to fit all his stuff in one space so my change table is stuff with all his things. Once I finally decide to move him into his own room I will have more room and a better set up but for now this will do. 

Front of changing table

The side of the changing table with my accessories and prefolds.. You can also see my diaper pail, disposable pail that I hardly ever use(that why the lamp is on it.. Lol) and LO's hamper

 The complete stash

Nickis and Freetime fit nicely in a basket
covers and fitted at the bottom
  my wipes, rash cream, wipes solution hand sanitizer and snappi's

  Prefold and hemp inserts in diaper stacker
 close up of all of it in the changing table

What does your changing station look like?