Monday, December 23, 2013

Cloth wipes solution to help prevent rash

So I've been using cloth diaper since oct when Kedar turn 3 months and was able to use one size(OS) diapers.... I just love it. I figure if I'm going to use cloth diapers I might as well use cloth wipes so I can throw everything in one pail.

I normally use regular cheap baby rags that I brought from Marshall for wipes. Then I researched online different solution. The main thing I wanted from my solution was making sure it was rash preventive. 

Here's what I have in my solution 
I use a 7oz peri bottle that I got from the hospital in it is

6oz of water
1 TBS of sesame oil .. ( Anti fungal)
1 TBS coconut oil ... ( Anti bacterial)
4 drops of tea tree oil  .. (Disinfective)
4 drops of grapefruit seed extract (Prevents yeast) 

It works great and keep my little one butt clear 

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