Friday, December 27, 2013

My first diaper stash ... And my stash now

I started cloth diapering oct 1, 2013

I started off with 4 bumgenius 4.0 and started building from there 

From oct to the end of nov my stash consist of 

6 bumgenius 4.0
6 freetimes
6 sunbaby pocket diapers
6 diapers I made
4 flip covers
4 g diapers
1 thirsty cover 
10 flour stack towels 
12 Green mountain diapers prefold

This was a good stash to start with but I found out pretty soon I hated stuffing pocket diapers and liked all in ones way better. Once I figure that out I decided to sell all but 2 of my pockets and all my g diapers so I can buy more all in one. This is what I sold 

My new stash consist of 

14 freetimes all in one
8 nicki bamboo all in one
2 bumgenius 4.0
1 Simplex 2.0
1 nicki pocket
1 grovia all in one

4 flip cover
2 blueberry cover all cover
1 rumparooz cover
1 thirsty cover
1 thirsty duo cover

12 green mountain diaper prefold ( made 3 into fitted) 
10 gerber Birdseye prefold ( that I'm making into fitted) 
3 fitted I made 
I also have 8 bamboo/hemp inserts that I made 

Here's a pic.... This is most of what I have right now 

All I want now to complete my stash is 3 very absorbent fitted and I custom diaper but I'm not sure what I want for my custom yet. Once I get that I think I would have the perfect stash. 

What do you have in your stash? What type of diaper do you like best? 

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