Friday, December 27, 2013

Prefold to fitted with a regular sewing machine

Prefold to fitted 
have about 20 prefold and I will say I use about 10 of them .. So i decided to make my other 10 into fitted that LO can use as night fitted since he's peeing through everything now. 

I searched the internet and all I could find was tutorials on how to make prefold into fitted with a serger which I don't have yet (but plan to get one soon) then I found Arfy tut and it was perfert here's the link
I made a small adjustment cause I wanted the wings to be longer but her tutorial was exactly what I was looking for 

This is what you need
Braided elastic
Safety pin
Any diaper pattern( or you just free hand) 
And a regular sewing machine 

First thing I did was make the lines for where I need to cut for the wings I kind of freehand it but I did use the pattern to help with the curves
Then cut it just enough for the two part to come together and wings are flat like this 

Then cut the front wing so you can attach it to the back wings to make them longer 

Sew the middle part together then turn rt side out 

Sew piece to the back wings 

Sew casing for elastic and zig zag wet zone down

Zig zag wings close
Cut elastic .. I normal cut elastic the length of one of the side of the casing and then cut that in half 

Tack elastic on the outside of each casing then thread through with a pin the tack again 

All done ...  I normally use a snappi to keep it close .... What you think??? 
if you make one please post a link to the picture, I would love  to see how it comes out ... 

If you have questions please asks 

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