Friday, December 27, 2013

Reuseable cloth wipes

I posted about a cloth wipe solution so I figure I should post about cloth wipes too. 

I normally use cheap baby rags that I brought from Marshall's which are 12 for 3.00 but I decided I wanted a few pretty ones .. I had some left over flannel and my LO out grew all his baby towels so I decided to pair the two up to make some cute wipes. 

This is what you need

A baby towel ( any other terry fabric is to thick) 
Some flannel ( I used a half a yard)
Sewing machine

I cut my my flannel 8x8
And my towel 7.5x7.5 cause it stretches a lot

Place them on top of each other with good side facing each other .. It really doesn't matter with the terry fabric

Sew the sides and leave a small whole for turning 

Turn right side out and top stitch

All done 

Have you made any cloth wipes? How did you make it. 

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